Supporting the Parent Community

What Kinds of Topics Have I Covered? 

Grow in Your Parenting Skills 

In this webinar, I covered how best to support your child without enabling a helpless mindset 

Supporting Your Child Through Online Learning

With the advancements in digital technology and recent COVID-19 pandemic, learning looks drastically different now. I highlighted ways you can protect but at the same time empower your child’s digital uses in a learning context. 

Raising Children Who Value Making Mistakes

Possessing a fear or failure or an attitude of shame towards making mistakes are some of the greatest barriers to a person’s growth. This webinar outlined practices and tools to reframe failure within a more positive and motivating scheme. 

Up Next:

Embracing Challenges

Coming soon, my next webinar will cover how to encourage your child to embrace challenges. Combining elements from my previous webinars, this one will focus on cultivating a healthy mindset, value mistakes and empower independent learners. Stay tuned for the date and time!


"Ms. Ighani empowers my child because she gives a lot of freedom to what my child wants to do and supports her along the journey. My child got to choose what she wanted to write and read about and when she faced some challenges Ms. Ighani was there to help her."

Minnie, parentt

"Over the past 2.5 years, Nazli has worked in partnership with my husband and I. During that time we have witnessed a love for the learning process and a thirst for knowledge blossom in our children. Based on their learning goals and interests, Ms. Nazli adopted a project-based model to help our children dive into topics as diverse as the physics of flight, the history of the Indigenous people in Canada, the math behind a small business, or plastic waste and climate change."

Denise, Parent


Lucy, Parent