Learn with Ms. Nazli

If you’re curious how my approach looks in action, take a look at some of the resouses below. You can see how my lessons are set up and how I engage with students through the pillars of my pedagogy: feedback and reflection.

"I feel that working with Ms. Ighani has improved my writing skills. Ms. Ighani was thorough with everything and was patient. This is very important to me because if I’m ever hurried, I can’t get my work done. Ms. Ighani also listened to my ideas and what I want to do instead of making me do everything she wants me to do. Everything she taught me, whether it was words to replace commonly used ones, or how to make my writing more interesting, was always very detailed and well-explained. I understood and was able to change my writing. I really enjoy working with Ms. Ighani."

Yang yang, student

"This year learning with Ms.Ighani has helped me in many different ways. First of all, I learned how to state a claim. After making a claim I learned how to write evidence. Then finally I needed a conclusion. This helped me a ton in writing paragraphs. During school, I did this a lot, and guess what we learned in school this week, I already know how to do it very well. This is what Ms.Ighani taught me."

Leo, student