Whether you choose to keep your child at home for home schooling or distant learning during the pandemic, Diversify Learning will help to formulate a plan to best fit your child’s needs.




     1-2-1 Tutoring


As an educator my goal is to create a program that fits children’s learning style and needs.  By providing personalized assessments, we are tapping into the proven strategies that awaken the virtues within them. A holistic approach to character education is foundational and can easily be integrated into existing curricula.


1. Meet and Greet with parents and students. This is our chance to get to know one another and build a rapport. Empathize with your needs and wants. Set agreements.

2. Provide personalized assessment in the area of need. Create a learning plan and reflective points.

3. Much like a prototype, design a working plan with goals that are clear for students.

4. Begin learning journey, with reflective points to do self-assessment.


  Webinars For Parents


Parenting is one of the most important jobs that one can sign up for, yet there is very little to no training involved. It is said the primary teacher for a child is his/her mother, but oftentimes mothers are overwhelmed not knowing where to start and how to nurture their child without coddling. Empowering children to make the right choices is key.

By combining the philosophies of Virtues Project and Positive Discipline, Diversify Learning will help coach parents in fostering their children to be motivated learners. We will do so by providing resources and strategies for parents to put into practice. These experiences will help to awaken the potential qualities of character in children.



1. Meet and greet

2. Offer Spiritual Companioning to empathize needs and wishes

3. Share long term tools. Recognize teachable moments.

4. Action and agree on the children and parent partnership.

5. Reflect on what is going well and what needs to be readjusted.

     School & Teacher              Collaboration


It is crucial to review the current method of schooling and practices critically. We need to ask ourselves, what makes an institution stand out? Are the types of assessments being used a true reflection of students’ knowledge and academic potential? Are we tapping into our students’ strengths and giving them a choice to share what they know? In collaboration with teachers, Diversify Learning cultivates the skills of inquisition, communication, and independent thinking in children.


1. Meet and greet with teachers.

2. Look at student data.

3. What is your goal? Apply the Backwards by Design thinking framework.

4. Look at the types of assessment being used.

5. Are you giving students voice and choice?

6. Reflect during formative assessment and before the summative assessment.