Mentoring Teacher Candidates 

My role as a faculty advisor allowed me to facilitate and build strong parterships, between teacher candidates and school advisors.  While working alongside novice educators and mentor teachers, we were able to have deep, meaningful discussion around student learning and how best to accommodate diverse needs in every classroom.

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"Working with Nazli has been a transformative experience for myself and my teaching practice. Her support and innovative strategies have boosted my confidence in teaching math while also emphasizing the importance of incorporating First Peoples' principles of learning. Her dedication to my growth as an educator, combined with her commitment to inclusivity and cultural responsiveness, has not only prepared me for the classroom but has ignited a passion for teaching that I will carry forward in my career."

Scramstad Alayna 

"Thank you, Nazli, for sharing your educational expertise with me during practicum. Your consistent positive praise and energy encouraged me to believe in myself and gave me that final push of encouragement that was needed to complete my practicum. I would also like to thank you for the endless support of book recommendations!"

"I worked with Nazli when she was the Faculty Associate for a Teacher Candidate with whom I was working. Nazli was highly knowledgeable about teaching and learning, and encouraged both the TC and myself to try new strategies in the classroom. She asked thoughtful questions, and her communication style was clear, direct and positive. In our short time together, Nazli helped me grow as a mentor, and as an educator. I would love the opportunity to work with her again in the future."

Becky Cook – School Advisor