Culturally Responsive Pedagogy E-Course

This online, self paced course presents engaging video lessons as well as interviews with Canadians from all walks of life, holding space for honest discussions on internal and institutional biases and providing strategies on how to consciously push aside such biases so they have less influence on one’s behavior and feelings. Suitable for students and teachers in all disciplines,  this course  has been  designed  to  offer  as a reflective  and  introspective  look into  the  nature  of  unconscious biases  and  their subtle impacts on every facet of life.

Designed for anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of how biases affect all people. Importantly, how to engage in constant self-examination to ensure a heightened cognizance of how to mitigate the impact biases have on our decisions, behaviors and relationships. 

(Note: everyone is going to be influenced by bias, that is inevitable, but the goal of this course is to start sitting with the discomforts of privilege, to begin unlearning and consciously working against the influences of such misguided homogenous notions)

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Watch this short clip as Ms. Nazli breaks down the role that culture and race can inadvertently play in the classroom. Specifically, how our implicit biases can influence how we treat our students and in turn, how they treat and perceive themselves.